Raw sex with a shapely figure and beautiful girl

As of July 13, 2020, in Japan, many people are getting back to normal. I played with a girl for the first time in a while so I’ll report it. In this time, I use escort service and call a girl in a hotel I stayed in that time.

She is friendly character and try to feel up to me slowly and carefully. While having a chat, she touches my dick constantly. I think I can have fun with her.

I understand she is so good in bed immediately. she licks parts of my body, back of knees, armpit or anal, which almost girls don’t do it usually. That a beautiful girl licks my anal and bury her face into my anal is nice view.

It has come to my turn. I make a finger fuck and look for her sensitive spots. Fortunately, my middle finger reaches her G-spot and she moans saying “Right there. That feels great.”

After getting wet enough, I ask her “Can I insert without condom?” She says “Come on if not cumming in me :)”

My raw sex for the first time in a while is too good. Her soft pussy wants to lead me to organism immediately. Every time I want to cum, I make my stroke slow and enjoyed her pussy as long as possible.

Still approaching my limit, I reaches at it and pull out my dick. My sperm jumps out vigorously and it reaches at her boobs.

I couldn’t creampie for her but get satisfied. Unfortunately I couldn’t take the good video. I want you to enjoy just the voice.

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