Creampie for Yoshiwara girl

In this time, I went to that famous Yoshiwara and I report it.

Yoshiwara is located a little far from JR Line so clerks take us to their clubs by cars from the nearest station, Ueno.

Yoshiwara is Japanese traditional sex clubs continued from Edo era. So many souplands, about 50, locate in Yoshiwara.

sex clubs in Yoshiwara

The price range is from 150 dollars, for the masses, to 1000 dollars, for the rich.

The play rooms are consist of bathroom, an air mattress and a bed. The mattress is used as a part of play. Customers lie down on the air mattress and girls crawl around on them involving body lotion.

I played with a Yoshiwara girl belonging to a club for masses. She is so beautiful and slim.

As expected, her sexual technique is excellent. Her blow job is so smooth that I don’t need to feel pain. Her ball licking is also

Naturally, she leads my dick to her pussy. What’s great about her is that at first, she doesn’t move intensively. She moves slowly and give me kiss or nipple licking. That’s how I can feel her pussy taking my time.

After enjoying her pussy, I make my thrusting faster and creampie for her hugging with her strongly.

After enjoying a moment to take it all in, we wash each other and say good bye to her.

The girls in Yoshiwara are beautiful, besides, skilled. Let’s go to Yoshiwara!