Creampie for a cosplay girl with Japanese training suits


Recently, I used escort services in Tokyo. Today, I report it.

The girl I call is like this.

I played with her for 80 minites.

She is so proactive that she kiss me soon after meeting up. As usual, I ask girls to wear a costume. In this time, she wear a Japanese training suit and it was used at primary school or junior high school in Japan in the past. My dick seems happy to see her look. She licks the dick and balls so politely. The video is below.

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In my turn, I touch around her body and she reacts quickly… she seems sensitive. Although I haven’t touch her so much, her clothes have already got wet.

I try to finger fuck her intensively and she moans getting her legs spread widely.

After her pussy cause flood, I incert into her. I thrust and french kiss repeatedly. That she hugs me strongly is very good! Gradually I reach to organism and creampie for her while french kissing her. The video is below.

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Kindly, she ask me to do second challenge or not from her. Politely, she licks my dick which hasn’t been washed and plunge my dick into her pussy. Unfortunately, I can’t finish but she has nice hospitality.

I’m satisfied that I creampie for a beautiful girl.

Thank you for reading!