Hong Kong 141 -Fuji building-


     Hong Kong 141 is the mansion to play sex with beautiful girls. They stay at room of the mansion. You can visit their room and call them with using ding-dong. It is legal and controlled by the government. There are many ladies, so you will find your favorite girl.

beautiful girls in the room of the mansion

Price and Girl’s quality

  • 400HKD : an old lady
  • 500HKD : most people is this
  • 600HKD : You can find your favorite girls
  • 800HKD : Russian, but has a wide range of beauty

You can confirm about buildings and girls through below video.

Playing Flow

General playing flow is below.

shower→lipping nipples→make a love

Playing is very systematic because they take 30 minutes per one person. Basically, they stay a week and earn in the short term, so have to deal with us quickly. I recommend that you should focus on appearance than service.

My experience -Fuji building-

I went to Fuji building in the Causeway. The location shows below.

It is in business until about one o’clock in the midnight. The entrance is gorgeous-like. I feel there are many beautiful girls.

beautiful girls in the room of the mansion

I played with her for an hour paying 600HKD. She says she has come from Chinese since a week ago and earn in the short term.

As image, She is beautiful, plump and comfortable to hold. She can kiss and sex. After a long time, I finished in her.

Although there are lot’s of members coming and going, there are many beautiful women here so I recommend this building.