Sneaking in King Hing building –Hong Kong 141–


King Hing building is in Mong Kok where is shipping area in Hong Kong. There are many stores and ladies market is famous so I am surprised Hong Kong 141 exists in such a shopping area. The site shows below.

I think the level of girls in King Hing building is slightly lower than Fuji building but you can surely find your favorite girls because this building has many girls.

Playing price range is about 450-600HKD in King Hing building. It is lower price than Fuji building in accordance with the girls quality, maybe. You can confirm how girls exists in King Hing building below video.

Be careful, in the rooms, sound leaks easily. Girls moaning often leaks from the room on playing. In upper video, you can listen to it.

The play style is various, some people are light sex and some are passionate. The girl I play is the latter and she accept my kiss, various sex positions I required. I can kiss with her and change sex position repeatedly. Unfortunately some people want more deep service. But, don’t worry any girls give us kiss and sex at least. Having said that, I recommend Hong Kong 141 due to the cheap and beautiful girls.