Going to apple bar and creampie for a hot and tall girl in Yangon


Apple bar is a sex clubs like go go bar. You can drink, talking with girls and take them to your hotel! It locates below.

Fashion show is held in the apple bar and you can choose girls to see their face or figure. The atmosphere is below.

No matter what you say, Yangon’s sex club is cheap! Just 35 dollar makes you creampie for girls. Furthermore, if you pay 50 dollar additionally, you stay with girls until tomorrow morning. And this apple bar is attached to hotel so you are easy to take girls to.

Due to apple bar being far from my hotel, after all, I go to Emperor. Because of cumshot every night, honestly, I don’t feel like playing with girls unless a beautiful woman is.

I dodge a nasty invitation from the girl I played yesterday and try to find a good girl. I succeed to find and choose a beautiful lady.

She is tall and has long legs. Her face is top class in Emperor. Although she is more beautiful than the other, she is not be on show because she is shy. She messes around her smartphone in the corner without business. That’s why anyone don’t take her to hotels.

I try to talk to her, I see her good immediately. If I make a smile, she return smile gently. I decide to take her to my hotel.

After arriving at hotel, we start to sex. Due to her shyness, she request me to light off. The atmosphere is below.

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She moans so sexy. I finished into her.

I accept her favor to go home because I was tired. I wish you will catch a girl like her.