Going to a bar “two two five” and creampie for hot girl in Yangon


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“Two Two Five” is a bar being cheap to take girls to your hotel. it is similar to go go bar in Thailand.

You can choose girls to play with you tonight drinking and talking.
“Two Two Five” also has a fashion show and you can choose girls to see their face or figure. the atmosphere is below.

“Two Two Five” is a restaurant putting on a public face so you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. When you go hotel with girls, you

  • pay for girls : 100,000 kcat, 70 dollar
  • pay for bar : 100,000 kcat, 70 dollar

I think it is high to pay for a bar but if you have found a favorite girl, you just only pay it. That’s why I go to an emperor.

Although there are many girls I have already seen in Emperor, still hot girl left.

She is very beautiful so I decided her as soon as I find her. I promise 80 dollar per 1 creampie we go to my hotel.

When I arrive at the hotel, she teases me to say I sleep and close her eyes. I frantically turn her on to say you are beautiful or try to tickle her. She give in or not, she stare me. I excited it and make kisses many times.

When I touch her neck, side and inner thighs, she looks tickling. Although she counter to stroke my erogenous zone, I just only feel sexual excitation.
I kiss her and she responds well. She keeps to suck my lip while pumping her. When we get excited, she move my lip with her tongue keeping to suck.
I can’t stand to insert into her and pump her extremely. I finished into her with no skin and take it all in creampie for her. the movie is below.

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