Booking girls in Japan for my blog reader and creampie for a cute Japanese girl


I’m often requested to book Japanese girls by my blog readers. In this time, I booked a girl of Korean escort service in Japan for my blog reader “J” and he succeeded to creampie for her so I report it!

The shop we use is Syndrome and this is introduced in my article. The girl he played is below.

A girl “Candy”

He paid 28,000 yen for her and enjoyed 100 minutes with her.

We follow the schedule below.

  1. Listening order from J
  2. I call to the shop when booking and an hour ago he will play start
  3. J goes to hotel and pay hotel’s fee
  4. J tell me hotel name and room number he stay
  5. I call to the shop to tell hotel name and room number
  6. girls come in J’s room
  7. pay money for girls and tell shops that she comes to J’s room correctly
  8. play!

Listening order from Mr. J

  1. The shop he want to go : syndrome
  2. The girl he want to play : candy
  3. Play time he hope : 100 minutes
  4. Start time he hope : PM 11:00

I listed creampie girls and J chose some of them.
We prepared 3 candidate of girls since a week J came to Japan to succeed to book girls.

Calling for the shop
I tell the shop his order and the shop responds below that

  • Whether reservation of girls is possible or not
  • The time you can play with your favorite girl
  • Another choice of girls
  • Shop’s favor to call again before an hour he will play with girls … etc

Basically, you have 2 choices.

  • use hotels the shops recommend and it usually charges 3,000 yen
  • call girls to hotels you stay

In case of J, use hotels the shops recommend. A good thing about this hotels is to make girls comfortable because they’re used to these hotels.
After entering hotel, J told me his room number. In 10 or 20 minutes, girls came.

As another case, you can call girls to hotels you stay. I introduce it with my experience when I used APA hotel. this hotel is a famous for Japan and friendly with foreigners.
Surprisingly, it is said that one quarter of the guest are foreigners. In the reception, English speaker will welcome you and you can play with girls in the hotel. Next video shows a look of the rooms.

What’s not so good about this hotel is that you need to pick up girls at hotel entrance because the hotel’s elevator needs room card key due to the security.

Pay money for girls and tell shops that she comes to J’s room correctly

After she got J’s room, he paid money and he called to shops that she comes to J’s room correctly. He said this call was most difficult in this experience because he needed to talk with shop’s clerk in Japanese. This call is peculiar to just only Korean escort in Japan so don’t worry you’ll not speak in Japanese.

Play and feedback from J on booking

You creampie !

Yessss 😀
Thank you so much 😀
Creampie without asking nothing

J succeeded to creampie for Korean girl but there were some problems.

  • Speaking in Japanese needs when paying hotel’s fee and girl came and call to the shop to confirm that the girl came to J’s room correctly.
  • Korean girl can’t speak in even English.

The first is no problem because you can enter some hotel through auto vending machine so you don’t have to go to reception and to call to shops is just Korean escort.
The second depends on you. J used a gesture to communicate.

And you can confirm general Japanese escort club from welcome girls to payment below video.

Furthermore, you can see the atmosphere about playing with girls below video.

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If you book girls in Japanese, leave it to me, please.
In a few days, I will announce starting of booking service in Japan and video service of my experience’s sex tapes in Japan or other countries.
Please wait it!