Creampie for a bikini nurse cosplay girl and a recommended hotel in Nippori


Today, the club I introduce to you is escort club “yarisugi-circle” I often tell you. I enjoyed creampie and cosplay sex there. At the same time, I introduce a recommended hotel in Nippori to you.

I stayed in “HOTEL MY STAYS” in a Nippori hotel. This hotel is for business person so the interior is simple. You can confirm this hotel below movie.

This hotel accepts us to call girls because many business person often calls girls. The merit to call girls to the hotels we stay is to reduce costs of hotels. If you call girls in love hotels, you must pay 30 dollars at least.

In this time, I played with a girl “yarisugi-circle” introduce to me. She looks kind so I ask her to wear a nurse costume and she accepts it pleasantly. You can see her appearance below video.

Her nurse look is so sexy. I can’t stand to touch her and I push her down immediately. I rub and rub her pussy over the cosplay panty. I touch her pussy directly and notice she already got wet. I shift her panty to the side and insert my dick to her asking nothing. Her pussy fit to mine and stimulates it comfortably.

She whispers “cum inside of me” in Japanese near my ear. Though I had intended to enjoy her pussy a little bit more, I finished into her to hear that. You can see our video below.

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I like the girls like her accepting anything. You must go there!