Good cost performance in Myanmer


Today, I introduce to good cost performance in Myanmer escort service. You can see girls’ dedicated attitude when drinking or playing in videos.

Myanmer is not that famous as escort clubs but it is cheaper and more customer-friendly than the other ASEAN countries, even Thailand.

This is playing fee per long playing time, 12 hours.

National character in Myanmarese is also the point I recommend to you.

  • Myanmer people are customer-friendly
  • Blase girls are few
  • Easy to creampie : In Myanmer, I have never asked them whether I insert mine to them without condom. They always accepted my creampie

I think the reason above is due to the following

  • There are more girls than customers at the club. You can confirm in a video that I’m surrounded by 20 or 30 girls so girls are desperate to get customers. That Myanmer is not that famous as escort clubs compared with Thailand will be also the reason that customers are few.
  • Playing fee is so higher for girls than the cost of living in Myanmer so they try hard to give us good service.

The most famous escort club is “Emperor”.

  • The club has more than one hundreds girls
  • Easy to enter the club because almost customers are foreigners
  • Clerk can speak in multiple languages

And you will choose the hotel to bring back girls. I think City star hotel is good.

  • Easy access to “Emperor”, restaurant or sightseeing spot
  • Free to bring back girls

That’s why Myanmer is prime countries for us. Let’s go to Myanmer!